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Welcome to The Ultimate Brokeback Forum, The Ultimate Brokeback Guide and our campaigns to promote understanding.

THE ULTIMATE BROKEBACK FORUM is the largest discussion site on the web devoted to the historic film, Brokeback Mountain. In its first two years, it produced more than a million posts, from over six thousand registered users. It has tens of millions of page views. Originally devoted exclusively to Brokeback, the Forum now features separate areas for A&E (Film & Theater and TV & Music) and Gay Issues.

THE ULTIMATE BROKEBACK GUIDE offers one of the largest resources of Brokeback links and information on the web. The guide began on Dave Cullen's blog, and attracted such a large and fervent group of readers discussing the film and its impact, that the Guide and Forum were set up as stand-alone sites on Christmas Eve 2005.

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  • Together, the Forum and Guide attract more than 23,000 unique visitors each month, and 58,000 page views per day. Forum membership is about 6500 registered members, it is roughly two-thirds male, one-third female. Most of the men are gay, most of the women are not. The forum contains over 1.1 million posts and has an average of 2400 visits per day.
  • Our membership spans the globe, from all walks of life and all sexual orientations. We came together because Brokeback Mountain had a profound emotional impact on us all. It is a great work of art, and an unflinching portrait of love between two men. This site offers a place to discuss how the film affected us, and how it's affecting our culture. It is a place to share personal stories, provide support for each other, and explore a wide range of topics, including arts, entertainment, the realities of gay life today, and prospects for the future.
  • Press Release: An overview of our campaign to donate DVDs to rural libraries: what we're doing and why.
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  • Press Release on the initial Variety Ad: Why we began the initial ad campaign, and what we hoped to accomplish.

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I want to thank two people who don't even exist. Or, I should say, they do exist, because of the imagination of Annie Proulx and the artistry of Larry McMurtry and Dianna Ossana. Their names are Ennis and Jack, and they taught all of us who made Brokeback Mountain so much about not just all the gay men and women whose love is denied by society, but just as important, the greatness of love itself.
Ang Lee, accepting his Oscar for Best Director
  Ang Lee